Kid Meets Cougar, take two

Kid Meets Cougar: Courtney Carroll and Brett Bolton
Photo: Corlene Byrd
Leslie Ventura

If you weren’t at the 18b Music Festival last Saturday night, you’ll have to wait six months to see Kid Meets Cougar perform. The local electro-dance duo is taking a hiatus to work on a new album, music videos and an entirely new live show. Guitarist Brett Bolton and drummer Courtney Carroll raised $6,445 for a new projector in August through, a donations website. Having surpassed its goal of $6,000, KMC now has the equipment and money to create the interactive images and videos for a new show Bolton and Carroll will display directly on their bodies. They call it “KMC 2.0.”

As for the new album, Bolton says it should sound more mature than first release For Breakfast. “It will still be fun, but I’m probably going to experiment more with natural sounds,” Bolton says. “That’s my new thing right now."

During their break, Bolton and Carroll may make a few out-of-town appearances and are hoping to play South by Southwest for a second straight year in March. They’re keeping most of their plans under wraps, but one thing is certain: You won’t be seeing Boltronix anymore. The dancing robot that appears in KMC videos and onstage with the group made his final appearance Saturday. “He needs a lot of fixing,” Carroll says. “Maybe we’ll come up with a new character, but we haven’t thought of one yet.”


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