Complete Neon Reverb schedule

Thursday, September 16

Aruba’s Thunderbird Lounge Comedy Showcase: Gabe Nolasco, 10:15 pm; Jake Farmer, 10:35 pm; Buffet Jackson, 10:50 pm, Jason Harris, 11:30 pm; $5.

Beauty Bar Sonidero Showcase: DJ Bad Beat, 9:30 pm; Neon Venus, 10:30 pm; Los Hollywood, 11:15 pm; Close to Modern, midnight, LeTRAS, 12:45 am; DJ St. Juan Apostol, 1:15 am; $5.

The Beat Max Supera, 7 pm; Mike Vargovich, 8 pm; free.

Bunkhouse Saloon Action Cat, 9:30 pm; Novelty Act, 10:15 pm; The Wild Complete, 11:00 pm; Big Friendly Corporation, 11:45 pm, Leaving Springfield, 12:30 am; $8.

Griffin Wyatt McKenzie, 7 pm; Dusty Sunshine, 8 pm; Fuzz Solow, 9 pm; Parlor Hawk, 10 pm. free.

Las Vegas Country Saloon Monster Zero, 9:30 pm; The Rebel Set, 10:15 pm; The Growlers, 11 pm; The Mad Caps, 12:15 am; $10.

Yayo Taco Nothing with Numbers, 7 pm; Asterionella, 8 pm; Caravels, 9 pm; $5, all ages.

Friday, September 17

Name Check!

Abe Vigoda
No, the 89-year-old Godfather/Barney Miller star isn’t playing; this is a frenetic rock foursome from SoCal.
Jamuel Saxon
Hmm, wonder if the San Diego electro-popsters’ wallets say Bad Motherfucker on them ...
In-your-face punk rock, right? Nope. Soulful alt-country, which goes to show you can’t judge a band by its silly name.

Aruba Showroom Abe Vigoda, 9:30 pm; Crocodiles, 10:45 pm; The Soft Pack, midnight; Twin Brother, 1:15 am; $15 (for both Aruba venues).

Aruba’s Thunderbird Lounge Black Camericans, 7:30 pm; Jamuel Saxon, 8:15 pm; The Lazystars, 9 pm; Librarians, 10:15 pm; Steelwells, 11:30 pm; Wiretree, 12:45 am; $15 (for both Aruba venues).

Beauty Bar (2 stages) The Ku (in), 7:30 pm; Instant Peoples (in), 8:15 pm; Taylor Locke & The Roughs (out), 8:45 pm; The Webb Brothers (in), 9:15 pm; Imagine Dragons (out), 9:45 pm; Deluka (in), 10:15 pm; Mini Mansions (out), 10:45 pm; Casxio (in), 11:15 pm; Sweethead (out), 11:45 pm; The Entrance Band (out), 12:45 am; $15.

The Beat Emma Hill, 7 pm; Dreaming of Lions, 8 pm; free.

Boomers DJ Phoenix Orion, 9 pm; Break Dancing, 10 pm; Block Scholars, 10:25pm; Warrbuckss, 10:50 pm; Phil A & Hassan, 11:15 pm; TRIGGA, 11:40 pm; Break Dancing, 12:05 am; JLC (HighDro & Shamroc), 12:30 am; Declaim, 1 am; Percee P, 1:30 am; $12.

Bunkhouse Saloon Ska Showcase: I’ll Change Tomorrow, 10 pm; HLR DOG, 10:45 pm; Captain Squeegee, 11:30 pm; Stereo High, 12:30 am; $5.

Gypsy Den Same Sex Mary, 6:30 pm; Vandella, 7:15 pm; Evangenitals, 8 pm; Coastwest Unrest, 9 pm; free, all ages.

Las Vegas Country Saloon Dude City, 9:30 pm; The Black Jetts, 10:15 pm; Pigasus, 11 pm; 400 Blows, 12 am; Tinglerz, 1 am; $10.

Yayo Taco Devilcar, 7 pm; Education, 8 pm; Fictionist, 9 pm; $5, all ages.

Saturday, September 18

Aruba Showroom Codi Jordan Band, 8 pm; Fortwentydaze, 9 pm; Fortunate Youth, 10 pm; The Holdup, 11 pm; ABCD, 11:45 pm; HaleAmano, 12:15 am.

Beauty Bar (2 stages) Pet Tigers (in), 9:15 pm; Jacuzzi Hi-Drive (in), 10 pm; Facts on File (out), 10:30 pm; Many Birthdays (in), 11 pm; Pan De Sal (out), 11:30 pm; Gooby Goo & Peekers (in), 12:15 am; Kid Meets Cougar (out), 12:45 am; $10.

The Beat Mike Weller, 7 pm; Chandelle, 8 pm; free.

Boomers DJ Phoenix Orion, 9 pm; Mr. Ebranes, 10 pm; Eternal, 10:25 pm; J Luv, 10:45 pm; Verbal Ase, 11:05 pm; Dubshot Bros, 11:25 pm; Sab the Artist, 11:45 pm; HighDro, 12:05 am; Bash Bros, 12:30 am; Scarub, 12:55 am; Rakaa, 1:40 am; $12.

Bunkhouse The Whisperlights, 9 pm; Buster Blue, 9:45 pm; LoveLikeFire, 10:30 pm; He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, 11:15 pm; Leopold & His Fiction, 12 am; A B & The Sea, 1 am; $10.

Griffin Zach Ryan & Friends, 7 pm; The Black Shades, 8 pm; free.

Gypsy Den Neon Facade, 7 pm; Atlantic Line, 8 pm; free, all ages.

Las Vegas Country Saloon The Lesser You, 9:30 pm; The Vermin, 10:15 pm; Glass Heroes, 11 pm; The Adicts, 12:30 am; $15.

Yayo Taco The Royal Alexandra, 6:30 pm; The Green Lady Killers, 7:15 pm; Before the Fall, 8 pm; Ministry of Love, 8:45 pm; And She Whispered, 9:30 pm; $7, all ages.

Sunday, September 19

Beauty Bar (2 stages) Gratitillium (in), 8 pm; A Crowd of Small Adventures (out), 8:45 pm; The Skooners (out), 9:30 pm; JEFF the Brotherhood (out), 10:15 pm; The Walkmen (out), 11 pm; $15 (day-of-show only), priority goes to all-festival pass holders ($55).

Gold Spike Pool Party The Seams, 4 pm; Yeah Great Fine, 5 pm; The Smiles, 6 pm, DJ, 3-8 pm; free.


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