The Weekly sends its resident Gleek to ‘Glee! Live! In Concert!’

Glee Live! In Concert!” tour at Mandalay Bay on May 21, 2011.
Photo: Tom Donoghue/www.donoghuephotography.com

I’ve seen every episode, my iTunes library is dominated by its music and I may have anxiety issues over leaving the house on Tuesday nights now. Basically, “Gleek” doesn’t even begin to describe my infatuation with the show.

With that being said, there was only one place for me to be this past Saturday night: the Glee Live! In Concert! tour kick-off at Mandalay Bay’s Events Center. And so, after experiencing the New Directions (and a few Warblers) in the flesh, I give you a few highlights from my totally Gleeked-out experience:

1. I’m pleasantly surprised to notice a general lack of teenybopper presence. Mid-aged Gleeks FTW!

Glee Live! In Concert! at Mandalay Bay

2. My plus-one and I notice two men, early 30s, in Warbler outfits. “Hey, look! The ushers are dressed like Warblers!” I say to her. Wrong. Those are just some serious Darren Criss fans.

3. It looks like Chord Overstreet is over the Bieber fever—he’s ditched the teen pop sensation’s ’do to rock a shorter head of hair.

4. Wow! Cory Montieth really does play the drums!

5. With gorilla-armed male dancers sexing up Britney S. Pierce during her Britney Spears performance, I suddenly realize why this show appeals to an older demographic.

6. Next to me is Sun columnist (and avid live-tweeter) John Katsilometes. Nearly killing myself taking a photo of Criss as he walks by, my immediate thought is: @JohnnyKats: @DarrenCriss just turned @MARKinlasvegas into a 12-year old girl at Glee. #GetAHoldOfYourselfMan!

7. I thought this was Glee! (Semi) Live! until I heard Lea Michele belt out “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

8. We, we, we so excited? That’s right—“Friday” made the encore set list. And after a quick look around the arena, it is very clear that Las Vegas is certainly not “down with Friday.”

9. Artie + “Safety Dance” – a wheelchair = Glee needs more dream sequences.

10. In the end, the cast performed a total of 24 of their chart-topping songs. And although you can see basically the same thing every Tuesday night, there was something extra special of experiencing Glee in the flesh. It can go without being said, but this tour is a definite must-see for all Gleeks.


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