Coachella Week: 5 things I wrote in my notebook during Spiritualized

April 12, 2013 at House of Blues

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce offered little interaction during his House of Blues set, just two hours of music.

1. It's a surprisingly sparse crowd, considering this is the first time Jason Pierce's band has played Las Vegas. A section of the House of Blues to the right of the stage is curtained off, and even with most of the crowd rushing the stage, the floor is only about half-full. Perhaps more are going to see his Coachella set this weekend?

2. Pierce is about as low-key a performer as I've ever seen. He sat in one position the entire evening, wearing sunglasses and looking to the right of the stage. Even Bob Dylan moved around on stage more than this the last time I saw him at the Pearl just a few years ago.

3. Pierce may have been battling health issues recently, but it doesn't show in his pipes. His vocals in "Shine A Light," "Let It Flow" and "Perfect Miracle" are spot-on. And his seven-piece group delivered time and time again, especially on "Medication" and "Take Good Care of It."

4. As I was getting my tickets, I informed the guy at the ticket window that this was Spiritualized's first Vegas show. "Oh. Maybe I'll take out the garbage," he said. Mid-way through the show, guess who I spotted taking out the trash through the back of the HOB during "Rated X"? Yep, that guy.

5. Wow. Two hours of fantastic music, and not one time did Pierce address the crowd. No Vegas references, despite even performing one of his greatest songs, "I Think I'm in Love," which famously includes the line, "Probably Las Vegas." Just a "Good Night" after the encore was all we got.

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