Q+A: DJ Sidney Samson talks his Wynn residency, upcoming projects and more

Good Time: Samson returns to Tryst on July 18.

Ibiza. Holland. Ibiza. Vegas. Panama. Mexico. DJ Sidney Samson has a busy week ahead of him. But considering the Dutch house veteran has been in the game since he was 14 years old, he’s used to the time-zone-hopping lifestyle that comes with being a successful DJ. These days, when he’s not onstage, Samson’s in the studio working on his new album and churning out club singles with the likes of Will.i.am, Far East Movement and Flo Rida. We got a hold of the Wynn headliner, who plays Tryst Thursday, en route to Holland’s Rhine Week festival to talk his residency and Vegas’ changing EDM landscape:

Hi, Sidney. Where are you right now? I’m in Amsterdam, and I’m driving 90 mph to get to my gig at a festival. (Laughs) It’s a really great outdoor local thing. But I’m late!

How does playing a festival in Europe compare to a club or residency like you have here in Vegas? A festival is always something different. You never know what to expect, because you don’t know what the production will be—fireworks, lasers, LED stuff. Versus in a club, you know that club and what to expect because, most of the time, you’ve played it before. But in terms of what I play, my energy and performance is the same wherever I am.

There’s been a lot of shifting among the Wynn’s lineup because of new clubs opening in Vegas. Why have you stayed? I love the venues I play. You become friends with them, as well. They were the first to offer me to play Vegas. They treat me well, and I want to be loyal to them. As long as they want me there, I’m gonna stay at the Wynn.

How does playing Tryst compare to the other Wynn clubs? To me, Tryst is like the little sister of XS. I also think Tryst is more of a local thing; the industry nights are really dope. Tryst also has more of a hip-hop vibe. I can be more open format there and really play what I want. And people expect that, and they want that. I love to play all kinds of styles in one set, from hip-hop to moombahton to whatever. ... At XS and Surrender, it’s more what I’m known for, singles and the house tracks and stuff like that.

What are some upcoming projects that fans can look forward to from you? I just did a remix of Mariah Carey and Miguel, and it’s doing really well. I’m also working on my album right now. I did a studio session last month in LA with different artists and writers. I’m really focusing on the album right now, but throughout the year I will still release club records. I just released a record called “Good Time,” and I have a couple coming up in September. One will be released on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label.

You’ve been making music for such a long time, but the genre’s just getting popular here. Has the EDM boom in the U.S. impacted how you’ve approached your album? Not really. I always do things the way I want to do it. The music I make now, it’s popular, but that’s just my luck. When I started out making this music, people told me yeah, it’s cool, but it’s not international enough. Now it is, and when it’s not mainstream anymore, I will still make it, because that’s the music I like.

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