LIB recap: Robert DeLong was everywhere—and that’s a very good thing

Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong had a busy day Sunday. The L.A.-based electronic artist played no fewer than three sets at the festival, which ranged from his main Huntridge stage performance at 2 p.m. to an intimate acoustic set at the small Toyota-sponsored stage to a fantastic DJ set in the beer garden at night.

DeLong is still an on-the-rise act—his debut Just Movement came out earlier this year—but he has more talent than he knows what to do with. His acoustic set showcased his raw, robust vocal prowess; his DJ set straddled the line between Strip-friendly EDM and LCD Soundsystem-style indie dance beats that kept the dancefloor packed; but it was his main stage set that was the most impressive. Far from a button-pusher, DeLong delivered a truly organic set of dance tunes as he sampled and layered beats and vocals live, tapping into a toolbox of keyboard, drum kits and even a Wii controller to make his frenetic melodies come to life. It was hard to take your eyes off of him as he moved about the stage, and even harder to keep your feet from dancing. Though the set’s 2 p.m. start time didn’t keep the crowd from an all-out dance party, the timing was its only flaw—DeLong’s tunes are the stuff nighttime festival revelry is made of, and relegating him to the daytime felt downright criminal.

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