[Punk Rock Bowling 2015]

Six bands to catch at Punk Rock Bowling

Self-proclaimed death-punk band Turbonegro plays Punk Rock Bowling Sunday night.
Richard Eriksen
Annie Zaleski

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(Saturday, 8:55 p.m.)

Who: Boston ska-punk vets, led by sandpaper-voiced Dicky Barrett.

Punk cred: Bosstones concerts continue to feature dancer/hype man Ben Carr, whose moves are as integral to the band as its horn section.

Spin on the way: “Someday I Suppose” off 1993’s Ska-Core, the Devil, and More EP. Its laid-back verse grooves and staccato horns give way to an electrified chorus ideal for car-ride sing-alongs.


(Saturday, 10 p.m.)

Who: A Bay Area-founded street-punk group lovingly indebted to The Clash.

Punk cred: Half of Rancid was also in influential ’80s ska-punk group Operation Ivy.

Spin on the way: 1995’s ...And Out Come the Wolves, which the band will play in its entirety on Saturday night.

The Muffs

(Sunday, 5:25 p.m.)

Who: Sassy SoCal punks with a gravelly power-pop bent.

Punk cred: For a while, they supported themselves with royalties earned by placing the song “Everywhere I Go” in commercials for uber-’90s drink Fruitopia.

Spin on the way: Last year’s Whoop Dee Doo, the band’s first record in a decade, a combo of shambling garage, girl-group pizzazz and raucous pop-punk.


(Sunday, 7:50 p.m.)

Who: A self-proclaimed death-punk band cut through with glam tendencies.

Punk cred: Former frontman Hank von Helvete was notorious for dangerous stage antics … like sticking a sparking Roman candle where the sun don’t shine.

Spin on the way: Apoca-lypse Dudes, the ’98 record where the Norwegians’ Stooges-y tendencies reached peak scuzz.

Murder City Devils

(Sunday, 8:50 p.m.)

Who: Keyboard-singed garage-punks from Seattle.

Punk cred: MBD Mach II—the band broke up in 2001 and returned in 2006—sounds even more ferocious than the first go-’round.

Spin on the way: 2000’s In Name and Blood—its post-hardcore agony is unsettled by a devilish, organ-fried underbelly.

The Business

(Monday, 5:10 p.m.)

Who: Authentic, anthemic Oi! punks straight outta South London.

Punk cred: The band still doesn’t have an official website, preferring MySpace as an online home.

Spin on the way: The compilation 1979-1989 captures The Business at its scrappy, pub-punkin’ best.

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