Scene mainstay Patrick ‘Pulsar’ Trout shines a light on five Vegas acts

Spiritual Shepherd

Longtime local promoter Patrick 'Pulsar' Trout, recently named talent buyer for Beauty Bar, points you to some of his current Vegas favorites ...



Spiritual Shepherd “They just added a female singer and guitar player, and I think it’s added a whole new dimension to the sound, which has a very Sabbath-y vibe. When you get used to hearing a band in an instrumental fashion, you’re not sure how it’s going to sound with vocals, and the first time I heard them with her it clicked.”

Black Rhino “Incredibly catchy alt-rock with a blues vibe, and very polished-sounding. They’ve all played in bands before, but when I hear a band and they sound that tour-ready and it’s one of their first shows, that’s amazing. People might try to lump them in as indie rock, but they didn’t forget the rock part the way some of those bands can.”

Words From Aztecs “A really badass live band out of the all-ages metalcore scene, which, despite the lack of venues, continues to turn out really good acts. They’re incredibly heavy—like, their breakdowns have breakdowns—and they have a really great work ethic. It’s really cool seeing a band willing to drop everything and hit the road.”

Sheiks of Neptune “Those guys are f*cking fun. It’s like a bizarre mix of punk with strings. They have a weird surf-punk sound that reminds me of Dead Kennedys; I got an Adicts vibe when I first heard them. And they dress up in costumes. They actually put on a show, which is awesome.”

Kat Kalling “A solo singer-songwriter from Minnesota who plays acoustic pop-punk. Her songwriting is very personal, and she’s got this awesome wit about her, which really comes through in her music. Even with it just being her voice and guitar, you can tell how much of a badass she is. She’s got a ton of heart, and it shows in her songs.”

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