Take a trip down The Rabbit Hole to Vegas’ beat underground

The Rabbit Hole gets together at the Bunkhouse this weekend.
Photo: Stetson Ybarra / Courtesy
Norma Jean Ortega

A dream project started by three friends is blossoming into a hub for beat music producers in Las Vegas. The Rabbit Hole’s three co-founders—Lucas Ybarra, Jamaal Long and Ty Bolden—are paving the way for independent music producers to connect, create and share their work. Ybarra explained the collective’s mission to the Weekly in advance of its July 29 Bunkhouse show with star hip-hop producer Scoop DeVille.

How did The Rabbit Hole get started? Ty, Jamaal and I kinda just came together and had jam sessions. Because we are big fans of the beat scene in LA, we realized there was nothing like that here in Vegas that showcased producers and what they’re working on. So that became our goal: to bring a beat scene to Las Vegas that’s really done properly.

What should a first-timer expect at a Rabbit Hole show? We’ve kind of narrowed it down to three genres: left-field bass, a more energetic style that includes bass music with an unorthodox twist to it; eclectic hip-hop, anything from instrumental hip-hop beats to beats that have the classic bounce to it; and electronic, which covers anything from ambient music to experimental electronic beats. We also use all custom visuals from Kitze (Brett Bolton) or Circuit Jungle (Anthony Mengesha).

How has your collective influenced the local scene? By providing a platform for producers, beatmakers and sound connoisseurs across the Valley to showcase their talent without having to abide by typical commercial standards. We play music that isn’t played anywhere else in the Valley, (giving) people something that is more down-to-earth and relatable.

Tell us about your upcoming show. Scoop DeVille wanted to do a beat set in Vegas and Arturo [Cecena], the vice president of There’s Nothing To Do in Vegas, told him about us. When Arturo hit us up, I was totally blown away that [DeVille] wanted to perform with us. Scoop DeVille has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Dr. Dre—and for him to want to come out to Vegas and play for the first time with us is a really cool and humbling thing.

The Rabbit Hole with Scoop Deville, Stahyl, Mayneframe, Mute and Nuhan July 29, 9 p.m., $10. The Bunkhouse, 702-982-1764.

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