Prepare to be surprised by Vegas band Luxury Furniture Store

Luxury Furniture Store released the three-song Bizarre Recollections on March 5.
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“Big things are coming soon,” says Will Kim, singer and guitarist for Las Vegas indie rock band Luxury Furniture Store. But he’s careful not to reveal much more. “That’s one of the things about our art. We really do well off the element of surprise.”

Luxury Furniture Store

Though Kim might be tight-lipped about future endeavors, we do know the group released a three-song cassette (and digital download) titled Bizarre Recollections on March 5, rounding up songs released during last year’s pandemic lockdown.

“All those singles were COVID releases, in a way,” Kim says. “We didn’t really mean it to have such weight, but I think music in general really hits home in a hard period like that. That’s what music is supposed to do, put meaning into pain and suffering.”

Comprising Kim, bassist Julian West and synth player Holly Haywood, Luxury Furniture Store has morphed over the years from a psych-rock band to a shoegaze act. And now, the trio is preparing to shape-shift once more.

“We’ve been trying to keep a lot of it a huge secret,” Kim says. “We were on a roll with releasing singles and then just suddenly stopped. I think art has a lot to do with business tactics, and there’s an artistic way to do it, having an element of surprise. We haven’t officially announced anything, but we’re definitely working on some cool stuff.”

Kim says Haywood, who’s also his girlfriend, handpicked the three singles for Bizarre Recollections—the fuzzy, dream-poppy “Crimson Hearts,” “Rainbow Wheel of Death” and “Warming Up.” The three musicians all contribute to the musical process in different ways.

“I write all the songs,” Kim says, “Julian does all the recording and producing and helps me realize my ideas. And Holly, she’s like the art director. She’s always behind me going, ‘Ooh, that sounds awesome,’ or ‘That sounds like sh*t.’ She’s one of the people who has a lot of say in what the band chooses to release.”

While COVID-19 isn’t completely in the rearview just yet, Bizarre Recollections sounds like progress—a band moving ahead after the isolation of 2020.

“Everyone says it, but [writing] it was the only thing keeping me sane,” Kim says of the pandemic. He says the band looks forward to playing shows and eventually returning to life as usual. “Just being able to have some tea with some of my friends,” Kim says. “I just miss things being normal.”

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