Bro’ promises to surprise and/or offend

Molly O'Donnell

The Details

Through May 5, Thursday-Saturday, 8 p.m., $15-20.
Onyx Theatre, 732-7225

Inspired by what playwright Ernest Hemmings describes as his “post-divorce time being cheered up by manly men who like football and drinking beer,” Bro promises to surprise or at the very least offend. Hemmings sees this 95-minute play opening at the Onyx Theatre as a departure from his usual work. If you’re familiar with TSTMRKT productions, you know they can occasionally border on esoteric absurdism, for instance, the hilarious but awkwardly long sketch about an armless piano teacher. “Bro’s a lot more accessible than other plays I’ve written,” Hemmings explains.

The premise of the two-act play involves a guy waking up in a pile of regret after having drunken sex, but also offers a “solid story about the transformative effects of bacon.” This perhaps makes the show seem more appetizing than it is given that it’s a mature-audiences-only production that features a blow job. What would a show at the Onyx be without at least one, though?


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