Good ‘ol Southern raunchiness in ‘The Great American Trailer Park Musical’

Jacob Coakley

The Details

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
July 13-29, days and times vary, $25
Las Vegas Little Theatre, 362-7996

For some people, drama doesn’t get much higher than the chairs sailing through the air on Jerry Springer. For those people, let us recommend The Great American Trailer Park Musical, opening at the Las Vegas Little Theatre this weekend. “It’s a love triangle set in the deep dirty South between a toll collector, his agoraphobic housewife and the new stripper who swings into town,” director Troy Heard says. And if that just doesn’t reek of comedic potential, you’re in the wrong city to be wearing that black turtleneck.

The show is brought to life with a pop-country score from David Nehls (“With all the wild passionate emotions any good country song could have,” Heard says) and a book by Betsy Kelso with enough trailer trash jokes to peel the paint off any double-wide.

Heard grew up in the deep South, so he can keep the zaniness grounded in reality, but he also knows firsthand that in the South, reality can be more bizarre than any musical could make it. “The challenge is trying to get the cast to live up to my high standard of Southern raunchiness,” he laughs. “Seriously, strippers, PBR, white trash and marker sniffing—I don’t know what else you need for a good night out.”


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