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Lake Las Vegas files for bankruptcy. Caviar will now be served only on weekends.

Third terminal project approved for McCarran International Airport. More canceled flights than ever before.

Nicolas Cage selling Las Vegas home for $9.95 million. Or roughly the combined gross of Next and The Wicker Man.

Las Vegas room rates at their lowest since 2003. It’s the ideal getaway for the couple who just lost their home to foreclosure.

Mariah Carey reportedly offered three-year deal at Planet Hollywood. Given Carey’s history of stability, we don’t see how this can miss.

School board removes $7 billion, 10-year school-construction bond measure from ballot. They then spend the rest of the budget on fairy dust and magic beans.

Nevada unemployment rate reaches 6.4 percent. What? Not a recession? Still a “downturn”? Got it.

Report: Barry Manilow weighs 100 pounds, but his reps insist he’s not ill. They’re calling it a “body weight downturn.”


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