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Las Vegas-area bus fares to increase in January. Hey, when you ride with psychotics, screaming babies and those who don’t believe in deodorant, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price.

Las Vegas city manager resigns, citing a desire to pursue other options. Like finding a city that isn’t completely screwed.

Penthouse plans to buy casino, bring in nude dealers. Naked women, free alcohol and close proximity? Sounds problem-free to us.

CDC ranks Las Vegas as one of the unhealthiest cities in the world. Yes, but we top the list of Cities That Might Soon Have Nude Dealers.

Sitcom based on Criss Angel reportedly in the works. Seeing as how his fame clock just passed 14 minutes, they’d better hurry.

Wanda Sykes comes out at Vegas rally. Oh, and to let everyone know she’ll be at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno on March 28.

Report: Suicide risks in Vegas are higher than the rest of the country. Hey, we’re unhealthy, our bus fares are increasing and Criss Angel is getting his own sitcom—sorry if we’re a little depressed.


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