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Las Vegas Monopoly champion says game is “half skill, half luck.” Well, having no life whatsoever helps, too.

Prostitution tax dies in Nevada Legislature. Yes, even a state that fully supports gambling addiction, quickie marriages and brothels has standards.

Homeless rate jumps 17 percent to 13,338 in Southern Nevada. Oscar Goodman hard at work on latest unconstitutional solution.

UFC 100 sells out before tickets go on sale to the general public. To solve our budget woes, Nevada Legislature now working on organizing a cage match between Harry Reid and John Ensign.

Dubai World offers plan to help complete CityCenter. It involves MGM Mirage fronting 100 percent of the money, and Dubai World crossing its fingers and toes—really hard.

Mojave Max emerges, signaling the beginning of spring. Either that or the beginning of one major bathroom break.

Madame Tussauds to unveil Wolverine statue April 29. Huh? What’s that? Someone’s already leaked it to the Internet? Man, two for two!


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