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1. When we featured bounty hunter Al Mares in our July 2 Interview Issue, little did we know it would lead to his arrest. According to Henderson Police Officer Todd Rasmussen, Mares was arrested last week and charged with 37 counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, plus one count of possession of a stun gun. (Convicted felons are prohibited from ever carrying firearms, Dog the Bounty Hunter being a notable example. According to police reports, Mares’ record includes a 1994 conviction for kidnapping and a 1981 conviction for grand larceny and attempted accessory to burglary.)


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According to Rasmussen, “somebody alerted us to the [Las Vegas Weekly website] video [interview with Mares], saying this guy was an ex-felon and carrying weapons.” Mares’ bail was set at $191,056, and he posted it on August 8.

2. Following up on a story Las Vegas Weekly reported on April 3, 2008: Last week the Henderson Police Department agreed to a $700,000 settlement in a lawsuit over the shooting of an ice-cream truck driver. A Clark County coroner inquest found the February 2008 shooting of Deshira Selimaj to be justified. Her husband, Zyber Selimaj, filed a wrongful death suit for $25 million after the inquest.


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