One station to rule them all

With all the fuss about the proposed $4 billion DesertXpress high-speed train traveling only as far as Victorville, no one has given much attention to where the train would stop at the other end—Las Vegas.

Several stations are being considered in the draft environmental impact statement being completed by the Federal Railroad Administration. One is sited just west of I-15, across from Mandalay Bay; two are sited close to the Rio; one would terminate at Bonneville Avenue, just east of the Clark County Government Center.


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According to the FRA, a single station at the Rio—with connecting service to the Harrah’s monorail—would generate the most riders from California, about 4.16 million, some 22.8 percent of the total travelers forecast for 2012. (“Connecting service” means either bus or, far less likely, a monorail spur cutting across the Strip.)

But don’t look for more than one station. In an e-mail, Lee Haney, spokesperson for the DesertXpress, explained, “More than one station does not appear to make sense. We believe that more than one station would not really increase ridership—and it would be very inefficient.”


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