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Ask Dead Elvis: Strange things to do on the Strip?

Where are the most bizarre places to hang out on the Strip? C’mon, you gotta have some suggestions. I don’t do normal.

I don’t know how to break it to you, fella, but the very nature of the Strip is to appeal to the masses, and because that’s the case, it adheres to a middlebrow aesthetic—that alone will work against the unique and/or bizarre.

So what I suggest is to take what resources there are on the Strip and make the most of them. Take Slots-A-Fun, the cheapest place on the Strip. It has $1 hot dogs and $2 crap tables, and therefore pulls in a fascinating crowd, which resembles a loose collection of actors rehearsing a Max Gorky play. If you throw random pieces of clothing into the moat at Treasure Island, you might get a kick out of some rube’s reaction, thinking that someone went in for a swim and drowned. Finally, any of the Strip’s wedding chapels are fun, especially at night when the principals are a little tanked, and they don’t notice you wandering into their photo-ops uninvited.

I hope this helps, because I know at least one person here who has done all of the above, and he swears he had a good time.

Thank you very much.

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