Six things we now fear more than Las Vegas anarchists

The mayor of everything?
Photo: R. Marsh Starks

Last week, in profiling a handful of local anarchists, the Sun told readers, “Johnson says Las Vegas has no reason to fear him or his followers.” Well, what a relief that is. Now we can redirect that anxiety to these entries on our worry list:

1. Being coffeeboarded by rogue baristas

2. From the Sun, May 24: “‘Someday there will be consolidation,’ Goodman said. ‘And then I will be mayor of everything.’”

3. Har Mar Superstar (coming to LV July 28)

4. What the nurse would say if we actually called about an erection lasting four hours

5. The many possible answers to the Facebook quiz: “Which crappy Will Ferrell movie are you?”

6. Rope. Genitals. A motel closet in Thailand.


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