Oscar Goodman

Ask Dead Elvis: What’s the deal with Mayor Goodman’s showgirls?

Mayor Oscar Goodman and his showgirls pose for cameras while attending NASCAR’s Shelby 427.

What’s the deal with Mayor Goodman’s showgirls?

“I love showgirls. They are the living, breathing embodiment of everything Las Vegas. I think they get a bad rap.” (Oscar Goodman, Esquire, 2004) Leave it to our (ahem) beloved mayor. Here’s a man who knows that showgirls have been and will forever be one of the most constant attractions our city has to offer. It’s hard not to understand why, given the ornate sequined outfits and headdresses. Oh, and the legs.

So who are the lovely ladies who appear with Mayor Goodman at so many ribbon-cutting ceremonies and other promotional functions? Our sources tell us that they are genuine showgirls with a history on the Strip who juggle their personal/family life with a part-time gig with the Mayor. The most-photographed are Stacey Shea, Brandy Wood, J.P. Howard and Jennifer Gagliano. As for more personal information about the ladies, we here at the Weekly prefer to keep that to ourselves.

Thank you very much.

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