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Journalist Ky Plaskon live-tweets a bomb scare

Ky Plaskon

• Police detain man at suspicious pkg incident 4 not complying with order. 9:11 AM Oct 1st

• Businesses evacuated. Bomb squad with robot at arville & sahara wendys. 9:17 AM

• Police dogs smelling cars in area. 9:18 AM

• Robot driving down sahara now west of arville 9:20 AM

• Suspicious pkg is in median on sahara 9:22 AM

• Pkg is in a shopping cart 9:23 AM

• Robot is leaving. Going back. 9:25 AM

• Second tactical robot approaching cart now. 9:28 AM

• Tactical robot can drill and shoot air. I am in someones back yard. 9:29 AM

• Tactical robot picking up pkg! 9:33 AM

• Pkg is green and black bag. 9:34 AM

• Robot going back 2 shopping cart. Or re-positioning. 9:39 AM

• Robot messing with bag again using arm. 9:41 AM

• Nearby businesses closed. parking lots Empty and street silent. No one else in sight. 9:51 AM

• No moVement. Police r hooting in back of tactical robot remote truck. 10:00 AM

• They may see something with camera. Mood seems lighter. 10:01 AM

• Robot just blew it up! 10:07 AM

• Bag is in street now. something Pink coming out. 10:08 AM

• Heard cops say they were going 2 blow it up. Thats when they started hooting. 10:09 AM

• Robot going 2 bag now 2 investigate 10:12 AM

• Robot picking up bag 10:14 AM

• Robot dumped pink blanket out of bag. Bomb personnel approaching. 10:16 AM

• Bomb guy picking up bag, looking in bag 10:18 AM

• Bomb guy giving all clear sign. 10:18 AM

• Metro approaching with evidence bag 4 pink blanket. 10:19 AM

• Its over. Good practice 4 recent fbi terror threat alert. 10:21 AM

• It was just a bag of clothes. Police r laughing and smiling. 10:24 AM


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