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Thinking about Ikea, Wasted Space and more

Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
Scott Doctor

Ikea idea A friend just moved into an apartment with no living-room furniture, and I wondered if ModernLV, a small company that drives to Ikea to pick up your orders, is still in business. It is: — Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Build it Looking forward to Golden Nugget Vegas Casino, a soon-to-launch Facebook game that has you building your own casino. Is it wrong to hope it ties in with Mafia Wars? — Ken Miller, contributing editor

Respect Ultimate B-Boy Championship’s mission: Highlight “real hip-hop culture” with break-dancing. Noble. But the host spewing culturally insensitive jokes hurt. If you want respect, try having some first. — April Corbin, online editorial assistant

Whoops? Sure, Tea Partiers have their hate on for Obama, but I wonder if they realized they were signing on for Sharron Angle’s newly revealed holy war. Is replacing “socialism” with theocracy really an improvement? — Scott Dickensheets, editor

Spaced out Bottle-serviced VIP booths and rock shouldn’t mix, so it’s doubtful locals are crying over Wasted Space’s announced closing. Still, a few very un-Vegas acts (The Memory Tapes, Health) played there, so at least I’ll have those fond memories. — Spencer Patterson, A&E editor


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