Sex Toys R Us

For one Henderson family, delivering adult toys is great business

I’m sitting at a Henderson McDonald’s with Elizabeth Logan and her mother, also named Elizabeth, and we’re talking about sex toys. Only none of us are blushing. It’s strictly business. Sin City Exotica, to be exact, a company they launched eight weeks ago that will deliver any “adult novelty” to your home in as little as an hour.

“The most popular item is the Wallbanger,” says the younger Elizabeth, also the owner. Wallbanger? I’m almost afraid to ask. “It’s a vibrator with suction cups.” Aha.


Sin City Exotica

This is not a discussion you expect to have with a Christian family from the Midwest, but the Elizabeths put it succinctly: “It’s financially stable,” and “Sex sells.” For now, it’s a home-based business, with all the product stored in rooms of their large house (“I can’t store it in the garage, because the edibles will melt,” mother Elizabeth says.) But they may have to start looking for a storefront soon: Business is starting to boom. During our half-hour interview, one of their six contracted drivers called four times regarding deliveries. “I had to make a delivery at 3 a.m.,” younger Elizabeth says. She now has no life. “I’m scared to leave the house for fear the phone will ring.”

Although they market primarily to tourists through fliers and a walking billboard on the Strip, half their business is local. And while they offer complete anonymity through a website, more and more customers are calling their orders in, 70 percent of them female. “One woman asked me, ‘So, you’re like pizza delivery, but with toys?’” younger Elizabeth says, laughing. Products can be delivered locally within an hour if customers are willing to pay the $50 fee. And it’s very discreet—everything is delivered in a brown bag or box. “Sometimes we use a Kellogg’s cereal box,” mother Elizabeth says. Now that’s hot.

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