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A few suggestions for keeping that Christmas spirit going long after Black Friday

Three friends from Saskatchewan, Canada, from left; Debra Ginther, Sheryl Fillo and Jodi Blackwell, display their finds at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets during Black Friday, 2008.
Photo: Cydney Cappello

No one is more anxious this holiday season than retailers. So much so that they continue to up the ante for shoppers, who are increasingly made to feel that if they don’t spend their money at a very specific time at a very specific store, they’ll regret it forever.

First it was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, with stampedes of frugal shoppers clutching all the fliers and coupons in the previous day’s newspaper. Then came Cyber Monday, the Internet version of Black Friday, with online stores setting up one-day-only deals and users helplessly hoping they could get through in time.

Both these strategies have reaped great benefits, and we at the Weekly have come up with a few other ways retailers can keep shoppers feeling pressured to purchase in the other days leading up to Christmas:

Groupon Tuesday. Meals? Travel deals? The heck with that! Why not go in with a bunch of people and buy a state-of-the-art refrigerator together? Sure, that whole “who gets to take it home?” thing could be sticky, but ... look at the savings!

Industry Wednesday. Yes, there are tons of discounted items—but only for those who can make it past the velvet rope. If you want to shop, you had better look like you already have.

Shoplift Thursday. For a half an hour, put your shopping battle skills to use as stores eager for bodies open up an aisle of all the crap that didn’t sell well and let you take it off their hands. Of course, you have to buy something for participating—a $10 minimum. May we suggest Band-Aids and aspirin?

Beer Friday. By the end of the week, odds are you’ll be exhausted by all the shopping. But who’s going to turn down a free cup of Bud? And hey, nothing leads to better shopping decisions than a bit of alcohol.

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