Ta-Ta-Toos allow you to use your assets to communicate

Don’t look up: Make sure your message gets across with Ta-Ta-Toos.

Letting someone see your breasts is already one of the best gifts you can give, but if you’ve ever wanted your boobs’ message to be more literal, you’re in luck. A product exists to effectively turn your breasts into billboards or greeting cards—depending on size.

Ta-Ta-Toos, or temporary tattoos for your twins, offer fun messages like “Lucky You,” “Happy Birthday” and “100% Natural.” Another reads: “Guess What … I’m Pregnant,” which is either the biggest boner killer or the biggest cause for celebration, so use sparingly. Available in adult, novelty and high-end lingerie shops for $12.95 per message, Ta-Ta-Toos are the brainchild of Michelle Smith and Jodi Greenberg, two Fort Lauderdale-based women who asked themselves the simple question “What if these boobs could talk?”


Available inside Hustler Hollywood, 3131 Ponderosa Way, and at Black Satin at Wynn Las Vegas

Smith says female customers suggested many of the sayings, including “Bite Size” and the troop-supporting “Welcome Home.” They also offer a “Think Pink” temporary tattoo for breast cancer awareness. The only messages the women want to stay away from are those that are overly risqué and sexually charged. The products are supposed to be flirty and funny, not obscene—so don’t expect a target anytime soon. Ta-Ta-Toos launched two years ago and new sayings debut every few months.

One Ta-Ta-Too suggestion Smith and Greenberg are still processing: “Low Rider.”


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