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What’s the most awesome costume you’ve ever seen?

“Adam and Eve. The girl had just two leaves on her nipples and one on the crotch. Her boyfriend only had one leaf on the crotch!” — C.J. Mackey (Henderson)

“Freddy Krueger. She sewed the shirt, bought the fake hands, and her shoes and the ears ... it looked so real!” — Anna Ponce (Las Vegas)

“It was this girl, she had a black spandex body suit. She had glow sticks on her and down her arms and legs and she was a stick figure! The least-expensive and coolest costume I’ve ever seen.” — Jaryd Neiman (Henderson)

“The most awesome costume I’ve ever seen was a Bigfoot costume because it was so real. Especially since the guy wearing it was super tall.” — Kristin Cunningham (Henderson)

“A friend of mine wore that Goldfinger costume with the roller skates, and he was totally painted gold!” — Chris Madsen (Henderson)


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