Fall style: Keep your cool with breezy, heat-friendly fabrics

Sam Glaser

1. Supima Cotton Vintage Whisper pocket henley by Splendid Mills, $72. Wearing this luxurious cotton with a deep neckline makes you feel stylish, sexy and still casual. Splendid’s shirts, the culmination of a search to find the softest fabric in the world, are made of American-grown supima cotton and micro modal rayon. And the best part: They’re so soft you’ll never want to take them off.

4. G-Star

5. RYU

6. Converse by John Varvatos

2. Cotton-Poly Burnout Wonderland Burnout Baby V-Neck by Sinful, $34. Cotton-poly “burnout” is the result of a successful fashion industry effort to manufacture vintage and skip the natural aging process. Cool polyester sounds like an oxymoron­—the synthetic fabric lacks breathability and gained notoriety helping fighters sweat out water weight—but burnouts go through an acid-wash treatment that leaves the final product thin with a weathered look that feels worn-in and keeps you cool.

3. Silk-cotton Takko blouse with tie-back waist by Diesel, $130. The Chinese royal family first cultivated silk fabric in 3,500 B.C. Today, avoid glossy silk—best saved for old school mafia flicks and frat boy bed sheets—and try a silk-cotton blend. This blouse actually separates the two: Front: 100 percent silk; back: 100 percent cotton. Smooth and lightweight—this silk number leaves the shine for your lips.

4. Cotton Chambray New Midnight Sport Piping Shirt by G-Star, $105. In the U.S., a heavyweight indigo chambray was one of the original workmen shirts, which gave us the term “blue-collar.” Chambray, a strong and lightweight cotton, gained white-collar fashion popularity in the 1980s when brands like Ralph Lauren helped the look reach iconic status. The style is re-emerging today as part of a retro-Americana trend. Look for military-inspired styles this fall.

5. Bamboo Team Crest Tee (coming Fall 2011) by RYU (Respect Your Universe). Bamboo produces the only fabric cooler than cotton. To start, it’s sustainable: Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t need chemicals to flourish. Bamboo fabric is also soft, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. The brand RYU (Respect Your Universe) has developed the best bamboo-blend in the business: a proprietary blend of bamboo, rayon and stretch fibers. RYU is releasing a full line of performance apparel and sportswear for Fall 2011.

6. Slub-Cotton Slubbed Polo by Converse by John Varvatos, $75. Slub cotton fabric is another fashion industry case of making new products with a vintage look and feel. Finely textured, lightweight and soft, slub cotton is a perfect all-year fabric. For a more forward look, try a Converse by John Varvatos slub henley.


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