At Haute Chix, fashion is always in flux

HEAD TO TOE: Haute Chix co-owner Selena Viskovich
Katherine Fernelius

That's haute!


Haute Chix
10620 Southern Highlands No. 120, 269-5804; and 750 S. Rampart Blvd., 545-0843

Imagine a girl’s fantasy closet: The perimeter is lined with racks of color-coordinated clothing, hats, shoes and accessories; every nook and cranny has something for the stylish and edgy female. This is Haute Chix, a local boutique that stocks everything from easy, wearable tunics to sexy dresses, all accessorized with an eclectic mix of jewelry. Haute Chix could provide a girl with a great bohemian look for Downtown or a head-turning getup for a night in the club.

“Our military-inspired jacket ($47) is amazing and can be paired with so much,” says Haute Chix co-owner Selena Viskovich. “Throwing it over a plaid button-up tunic ($27) or a ’90s-inspired maxi dress ($28-$37) are both easy, ready-to-go fall looks.”

If that sounds like something you’d want at prices you’d appreciate—everything in Haute Chix is under $50—better make your move quick. Each item in the store is hand-selected by mother-daughter owners Nan Chong-Esposito and Viskovich. The duo orders only two of each item in each size, which means that once that size 4 tunic is sold out, you’re out of luck. Viskovich explains, “Having a one-of-a-kind look is important to our customer.

“With so much to do here, girls want to be equipped with the very best for everything they do.” She adds, “We can provide head-to-toe looks for day and night all for a very reasonable price point.”

Women aren’t the only locals in need of some style in their lives, so Viskovich and Chong-Esposito are rolling out a menswear boutique called Cityfied, which opens this week.


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