The age of entertainment

Do you know how old these people are? Rita Rudner: 57. Tery Fator: 45. Celine Dion: 43. Cher: 64. Barry Manilow: 67. Matt Goss: 42. Louie Anderson: 58. George Wallace: 58. Criss Angel: 43. Lady Gaga: 25. Willow Smith: 10. Justin Bieber: 17.

After half a decade, Britney Spears is hot again. Her new album, Femme Fatale, is a critical and commercial success. Her last-minute Palms performances were well-received, and now, if reports are to be believed, Britney is considering bringing her renewed hotness to Vegas on a more-permanent basis. Someone high up at Caesars Palace told The Daily Mirror that Vegas casinos are actively pursuing the pop princess for a local residency. Presumably, they’re telling her that a Vegas gig would give her more time with her kids. That Vegas is such a crazy place her craziness would go relatively unnoticed. What the casino execs probably aren’t saying is how badly we need the 29-year-old (or at least someone in the same age bracket). Our current headliners are fantastic, but they don’t exactly scream youth. It’s time we made a move for a younger demographic. So c’mon down Brit, and bring Taylor Swift with you.


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