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Name your own price at the meet market


Brandon Wade is still smarting. It’s not every day you get called a pimp on Australian television. Wade was trying to talk about his new Las Vegas-based business,, in which men and women (but yeah, mostly men) go online to “offer” money to others to go on first dates. So how exactly is this different from prostitution? “It’s a matter of compensating someone’s time,” Wade says. “People’s time is valuable.” The site works like this: Find someone attractive, offer them money, and, if they accept the offer, converse with them using “credits” purchased from the company. (The “offer” money passes directly from date buyer to date seller if and when they meet.) While Wade says the system was designed to prevent people from offering too much money, he notes that “if you get really gorgeous people, the offers can be very high.” According to Wade one man has already offered $1,000. He adds his site will not allow clients to discuss sex. “This is paying for the chance. You have to impress her or seduce her, because you hope she’ll go out with you on that second date.” currently has 20,000 clients and has arranged 105,000 dates in a little less than a month. Some pimps would kill for those kind of numbers.

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