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Thinking about musical memories, foul smells and more

Lil John parties at XS inside Encore on March 6, 2011.
Photo: Danny Mahoney | XS Nightclub

Bad form Note to my co-workers: In an office with windows that don’t open, the microwave is not meant for that shrimp taco you’ve been saving. I don’t care what Taco Bell says, especially given its alleged meat-to-mystery ratio. —Erin Ryan, staff writer

Crazy time If there’s one Vegas show I’ll never tire of, it might be Crazy Horse Paris. "Chain Gang” is the hottest three minutes I’ve ever seen on the Strip. —April Corbin, web content editor

Teachable moment Quick question for the Clark County School District teacher who fired a gun at a reality show crew filming here this week: Aren’t you supposed to be the responsible one? —Ken Miller, associate editor

Musical memories My alma mater, Green Valley High School, is presenting an alumni band concert next month. As the date draws nearer, my saxophonist self is getting a little intimidated to return to high school for a weekend. —Mark Adams, listings coordinator

Take ’em off For the sake of Lil Jon’s vision, we need to stage an intervention. Wearing sunglasses on TV, at Blush and everywhere else can’t be healthy. Hope he’s got a good optometrist. —Sarah Feldberg, editor

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Sarah Feldberg

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Ken Miller is Las Vegas Magazine's managing editor, having previously served as associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly, assistant features ...

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