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Kick, push

Last week’s story about Area 702 Skatepark’s efforts to relocate and reopen brought out a demographic we don’t usually hear from: kids under 21 looking for their Las Vegas.

I applaud Tim’s efforts and support him 100 percent, but actually, the city council of Las Vegas should have an all-ages facility that caters to under 21s. It should include a full stage, sound, lighting, food and beverage stands and other activities for teens, and it should be free. There is nothing for young people to do in this city that doesn’t cost them a lot of money. I don’t know why a city is more willing to spend thousands of dollars on locking kids away in juvenile facilities than providing things for them to do that will keep them busy and out of trouble. If they can join the army, vote and be tried as adults in a court of law, then they should have full adult privileges. —Debbie Davis

I love these people. Nobody supports the scene or the fans like these people do. I’m stoked for the new venue. I’m glad I was able to be a part of the old location. It’s going to be good times when they get the new place open. Support your scene; understand we’re not monsters. We’re young people trying to do what we love. —Ekoh Missing

A passing F

After Steve Friess crusaded against AB456, the bill that would allow students to graduate high school without passing all four subject proficiency tests, Gov. Sandoval vetoed the measure, saying it “represented diminished expectations and lower standards” for our students.

Amazingly enough, CCSD’s standards are so low that students can go into high school without actually passing all of their math, English and science classes in middle school. As CCSD regulations go, “Pupils currently enrolled in eighth grade must have completed three semesters of Math and three semesters of English or reading with passing grades during the seventh and eighth grade years for promotion to high school.” They are allowed to fail half of their language arts classes, as well as all of their eighth grade proficiency exams (writing and CRTs) and still be placed into high school with a clean slate. How are we doing our students any favors by not only allowing them to begin high school non-proficient, but telling them via CCSD that it’s perfectly acceptable as well? —Joshua Russell

The DJs are coming ... we think

On, Spencer Patterson wrote about the odd fact that Electric Daisy Carnival, a mere three weeks away, has not released its full festival lineup. Odder still? The thing’s practically sold out.

Insomniac pretty much slapped everybody across the face. The set list is still pending; the event is three weeks away! They made their money without the obligation of providing a legitimate lineup, or even one at all, for that matter. —Kylix A. Wood

We have confidence that it will be an amazing lineup and an awesome dance party. We bought our 3-day VIP passes the day they went on sale. They did not let us down last year; Vegas is going to be even better! —Sarah Anscott

Anyone who has actually been to any Insomniac events would actually know how they run and the big names in the community that always come out in support of their massive events. They know what they are doing, and most importantly, the fans know what they’re in for. I’m so sick of hearing this event get trashed in the news and publications. It’s helping the local economy, and Insomniac helps local charities in any city they post up in! —Charlie Arrizon


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