Nevada’s Democrats are kicking butt in voter registration

More bad news for Nevada Republicans: 2012 is looking more and more like 2008.

Four years ago, Nevada’s Democrats out-registered Nevada’s Republicans by 100,000 votes. And this year, 2012, the Republicans were supposed to catch up. Frustration with Obama, frustration with Obamacare, with the economy, with gay marriage—all these things were supposed to bump up Republican voter registration numbers. But it’s just not happening.

Nevada’s Republicans are registering new voters, but the Democrats are doing it faster. The Republicans still trail by 47,000. This despite a promise from former Nevada Republicans director David Gallagher: “Every month, we’ll be gaining on Democrats.”

As soon as Nevada’s Republicans figure out whether they’re going to vote for Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, and as soon as they figure out who’s in charge of their state party, they’re going to have an uphill crawl to the White House. A crucial one, though; as the Nevada Republicans’ website points out, “The path to the White House must run through Nevada ...”

We’ve got six electoral votes, and despite the skewed registration numbers, we’re still considered a swing state by most pollsters and talking heads. Romney’s got the crappy local economy and the Mormons on his side; Obama’s got the Hispanics, the sinners and the poor.

How will these factors play out? We’ll find out in just three months. In the meantime, Nevadans can register to vote online at nvsos.gov.


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