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Is Shelley Berkley playing follicle politics?

Photo: Steve Marcus/Mona Shield Payne

After scouring blogs and websites I’m left with the same response: “You must be kidding, right?” It’s as if nobody noticed that Shelley Berkley has changed her hairstyle. Gone is the extraordinarily coiffed and rounded ’do, traded in for the more sophisticated “I mean business and look 10 years younger” East Coast-ish straightened locks. But nobody’s said a thing. It’s not as if hair is unimportant. Of late, we’ve learned that Kim Kardashian’s hair is back to its “pre-Kanye” look, that Madonna’s upset with daughter Lourdes’ hairstyle and that debates are raging over whether Oprah’s natural look on the cover of O is, in fact, natural. Moreover, Gabby Douglas made history by taking gold at the Olympics, but the overriding issue is the socio-cultural ramifications of her pulled-back hairstyle, and Brits are irate that Justin Bieber attacked Prince William’s hair loss. But no one’s talking about Shelley’s hair and what this means for Nevada. With the election around the corner, I really need to know.

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