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Conversation starters: A wedding chapel at Denny’s and more

On the hook

Karma, thou dost have thy ways. Clark County District Court ruled last week that Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips owes nearly $750,000 for 1,637 rooms he booked in Las Vegas in anticipation of a 2010 rally that never happened. Phillips’ group may desire a country in accordance with what our Founding Fathers intended, but we’re pretty sure our Founding Fathers would have said, “You book it, you pay for it.”

Eggs and engagements

And we thought Denny’s was just a place you went on your birthday. The chain’s new 6,400-square-foot store in Neonopolis will feature a full bar and a wedding chapel. So after getting that free Grand Slam and a bit tipsy, why not get hitched? Normally we’d say something about cheapening the institution of marriage, but this is Las Vegas—in some cases, getting married at a 24-hour restaurant is a step up.

Oral arguments

Las Vegas defense attorney Curtis Cannon has been arrested after an undercover camera recorded him receiving oral sex at the Clark County Detention Center ... from one of his clients. Ew. Even worse? Cannon dragged his wife into the mess, telling detectives they hadn’t had sex in 14 years. As if a sexless marriage is a valid excuse for this kind of behavior.


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