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At Aria, you can play two games of poker simultaneously, but do you want to?

Aria’s poker room is willing to try new things, one of the reasons why it’s such a great spot.
Illustration: Corlene Byrd

What could be more exciting than playing a game of high stakes hold ’em in the beautiful Aria poker room? Playing two games of high stakes hold ’em in the Aria poker room—at once. At least, that’s the concept behind the new Multi Action Poker table.

Two dealers sit across from each other with two decks of cards. Each player has two stacks of chips, feeding two pots. That might sound intimidating to you, but poker players are masters of divided attention—particularly the Young Guns, who manage four or five online games at once. So, on paper, the Multi Action table was a surefire smash. In practice, not so much.

I went to Aria Saturday night to try the new table, but it was empty. At 10 p.m., there were just three other people on the waiting list. Five short of a quorum.

The shift manager told me she’d gotten a couple games going on past nights, but based on what I observed, I suspect this is the last you’ll hear of Aria’s Multi Action Poker game. Still, I applaud the casino for taking a risk and trying something new. It’s this forward-thinking spirit that packs the Aria poker room night after night—with players looking for one game at a time.

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