The Amazing Johnathan ends his local run with a bitter taste in his mouth

Vanishing act: Amazing Johnathan is calling it quits in Las Vegas after 13 years.

A couple months ago, the Amazing Johnathan moved from the Harmon Theater at Planet Hollywood to Bally’s. And now he’s moving again—away from Vegas showbiz. On Facebook, Johnathan announced, “Yes, we have ended our run in Vegas after 13 years. That is plenty long enough. I get it.”

Johnathan’s status update, which elicited more than 150 comments and 270 likes, outlined the reasons for his departure: “It turned out the killer deal offered the Amazing Johnathan wasn’t so killer. (shocker!). I noticed this very soon when I began dreading going to work each night. This was mainly from seeing a lack of advertising … I felt like an opening act that was accidentally double booked into a banquet room. It was like playing a mismanaged comedy club but without the horny waitresses & cocaine.”

Johnathan developed a strong following through his Comedy Central specials. Like those of Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias, the network played AJ’s specials again and again and again. Why? His act is funny, fast, visual and rewatchable. But now the show’s over—in Vegas, at least: “I just stopped showing up,” Johnathan wrote. “I think they should have noticed by now.”

It’s a bittersweet moment. There’s clearly bad blood (“Sometimes I miss the old Vegas when they would, at least, look you in the eyes when they lied to you,” Johnathan writes), but he’s content with his decision: “It just felt right. It still does.”

And, of course, the Amazing Johnathan will live on in Las Vegas—through the hundreds of magicians who shamelessly steal his bits and one-liners.


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