Bandits of all kinds: Real Vegas criminal nicknames

Weekly‘s imagining of what the GQ bandit looked like.

Maybe it’s because the word rolls off the tongue. Maybe it’s because it conjures the image of a masked man. Maybe they just lack creativity. Whatever the reason, law enforcement loves to attach “bandit” to the nicknames of serial thieves.

Take Las Vegas’ own Mustache Bandit, also known as 45-year-old Troy Mullner. Charged with a host of felonies after more than a dozen robberies (mostly of shops that sell sandwiches and electronics), his facial hair may have been his undoing. Police say Mullner likely shaved after news—and the nickname—broke, around the ninth robbery, though the mustache had almost grown back by the time he was booked. “If you look at this guy, he has the ability to grow a mustache almost overnight,” Metro’s Lt. Ron Fox told the R-J.

While crime isn’t funny (usually), Mullner’s story got us thinking about other real Vegas bandits.

•GQ Bandit He looks so sharp it’s almost criminal.

•Weatherman Bandit Not because he looks like a weatherman, but because he always comments on the weather to bank tellers he’s robbing.

•Biker Bandit Give this guy a motorcycle helmet, a gun and three minutes, and he’ll rob the Bellagio.


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