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Conversation starters: Opposition toward a potential Strip-side gun store and more

Eight lives left

Vegas is now home to a famous feline. In a brief video caught by a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, the cat is shown jumping from a second-story apartment to escape a raging fire caused by fireworks. What makes the video so compelling is not just the feline’s feat, but the offscreen prodding of onlookers, encouraging the tabby to “Jump, baby, jump!” As if we didn’t have enough cat videos to watch already ...

Hurl of sandwich

Uh, yay? The 2nd Avenue Deli has prevailed in court against Nevada’s Heart Attack Grill, which sued the Manhattan restaurant over the name of one of its sandwiches, the Instant Heart Attack Sandwich. Wow. We’ve entered the legal realm where bragging about your sandwich’s lethal properties is something to be guarded in a court of law. Why not just rename your sandwich You’ll Die If You Eat This? No one’s got that one yet. We checked.

No stopping power

Second Amendment supporters will no doubt have a field day with the controversy brewing on the Strip. The Shoppes at Palazzo obtained a use permit for a Beretta gun store and shooting range, prompting neighboring casinos to come out in opposition. A Venetian vice president called it “a tragedy waiting to happen.” First, we’re surprised it took this long for guns to find their way to the Strip. Second, while we agree with the VP’s sentiment, you could say the same thing about any gun store.


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