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Rule of dumb: A look at some of Nevada’s strange laws

Nevada lawmakers last week began the process of repealing a law passed in 1965 that allows businesses to refuse to hire members of the Communist Party. Yeah, you read that right. Commies. Not a term thrown around a lot in Nevada lately.

But, as Scott Young of the Legislative Counsel Bureau explains, such laws are reflective of their times, in this case the Cold War. It got us thinking: What other strange or outdated laws might Nevada still have on the books?

The following laws are still in effect in the Silver State. Some seem obvious; others are a bit harder to justify. And others are just ... weird:

•NRS 202.245—It’s a misdemeanor to fit shoes using X-rays.

•Owning a slave is against the law. (The Nevada Constitution)

•NRS 203.115—It is unlawful for anyone to engage in criminal anarchy (as opposed to, say, legal anarchy).

•NRS 196.020—It’s a category B felony to levy war against the people of the state.

•NRS 201.150—It’s a gross misdemeanor to conceal a baby’s birth.

•NRS 455A.100–Throwing items from a chairlift is prohibited.

•NRS 503.005—It’s a misdemeanor to shoot animals from a plane.

•NRS 199.370—It’s a category B felony when a child guardian hands over a substitute child in place of the requested child.

•And then there’s this gem, repealed around 1900: It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.

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