Dissecting the confusion and uncertainty in Nevada’s GOP

The Nevada GOP and the Clark County Republicans both had mini-embarrassments in the past week. And with the 2012 presidential election just five months away, well, this is the precisely wrong time for mini-embarrassments.

First, the Clark County Republicans: It’s still unclear which presidential candidate they support. No, they’re not pulling for Obama, but they are torn between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Still.

Even though Romney has long since won enough delegates to secure the nomination, just last week, Las Vegas Sun political reporter Jon Ralston tweeted a photo of a new billboard on Russell and Decatur (right across from the Clark County Republican Party headquarters) comparing Ron Paul to Reagan and Mitt Romney to Bush. It’s clearly a swipe at Romney in that he’s not the one being compared to Reagan. (Every Republican loves Reagan.)

The CCRP now says the billboard was put up by a CCRP executive board member, not the organization itself, and that they’ve asked the billboard company to remove the reference to the CCRP. Which is, essentially, their way of acknowledging that it’s problematic.

As for the Nevada GOP:

Former Utah legislator Carl Wimmer says Nevada GOP officials are “not just dysfunctional, they’re non-functional.” Wimmer claims the Nevada GOP offered him the job of political director and then fired him as he was driving from Utah to Vegas to take the post. The Nevada GOP’s response? What the hell are you talking about, Wimmer? We never offered you that job.

It sounds like Wimmer was partially off-base, partially misled by the party’s pro-Paul segment. But in his defense: You guys really do need some help.


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