Rave Cinemas raises the bar … with beer!


Nothing ruins date night at the movies faster than someone else’s baby stuck on scream mode in the row behind you. When an infant starts crying—or the pre-teens a few seats down start giggling and gossiping—even a heavy dose of Adderall can’t keep you focused on Christian Bale’s stare, Emma Stone’s dialogue or Channing Tatum’s abs. (Okay, maybe that last one we could focus on.) Which is why Rave at Town Square has introduced 21+ adults-only screenings into the mix for select titles and showings. And if you want a beer with your popcorn, yeah, they can do that, too.

Rave now boasts a full bar in the lobby opposite the standard concessions counters.

“We did a little trial run for Twilight last November,” says Rave General Manager Greg Brewton. Now, they’ve extended the test period, and so far it’s been smooth sailing. Or should we say, smooth drinking.

Moviegoers who want to take advantage of the libations get carded and wristbanded at the bar; then a server will take their order and carry it to the theater. “Only the server can carry the drinks through the theater. All service stops once the movie goes onscreen.” Brewton explains.

While it’s something of a novelty here, having a full bar at the movies is actually fairly common throughout the country, he says, adding that, so far, Rave’s added amenity has been met with only good reactions.

However, you can’t get sauced for every film at the Town Square theater. “For our purposes, we’re just doing it for evening shows and only select titles. We’re not doing it for Brave.”

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