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Thinking about Brian Head, Rush Limbaugh and more

    • Now I get it

      As I write this, the wind is gusting up to 70 miles an hour outside. The palm trees are taking it like champs, and I finally understand why this city doesn’t have real trees. —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • Cold Comfort

      Brian Head, Utah, might be three hours from town, but riding down trails like Paradise, Fremont Street and Maryland make it feel much closer. —Sarah Feldberg, editor

    • Sliding scales

      A quick question for the advertisers who are abandoning Rush Limbaugh’s program: Racist comments targeting the President of the United States were okay, but sexist comments aimed at a Georgetown law student crossed the line? —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • The art of the door

      The wall placards on the doors of the bathrooms at Wynn’s Lakeside Restaurant, which feature sexy silhouettes of men and women, would feel right at home on the cover of a Neil Strauss book. —Rick Lax, staff writer

    • Whole lotta nada

      Nothing. No thoughts at all. The wind blew through here last night and cleared out the furniture and wallpaper, creating a cavernous space that echoes nothing. Brain on empty. —Kristen Peterson, staff writer

    Photo of Sarah Feldberg

    Sarah Feldberg

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    Ken Miller is Las Vegas Magazine's managing editor, having previously served as associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly, assistant features ...

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    Kristen Peterson

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    Erin Ryan

    Erin got her first newspaper job in 2002 thanks to a campfire story about Bigfoot. In her award-winning work for ...

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