Following the ‘Pawn Stars’ lead, ‘American Restoration’ moves Downtown

Rick Dale opened recently opened his new 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Downtown Las Vegas.
Photo: Steve Marcus

A supporting character on the History Channel’s other local show, Pawn Stars, restoration junkie Rick Dale recently moved his spinoff, American Restoration, from Centennial Hills to a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in the Downtown hot zone. You bring him your decrepit heirlooms; he makes them shine. But almost as intriguing as the thought of challenging Dale to restore my grandmother’s silk garter belt to “glory” is one of touring Reality TV Land. The Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach reported that a tour bus company is planning a route that will hit HC’s two shows and Pawn Stars compatriots Count’s Kustoms, Cowtown Guitars and Toy Shack. I’m starting to feel sorry for the Strip. All it has gotten lately is an appearance by Gordon Ramsay’s hair.


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