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You know what we need? A Las Vegas-themed casino!

Think of all the new showgirl jobs we could create with a brand new Las Vegas-themed casino!
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A recent R-J article noted that a casino opening soon on the Strip will have an “LA feel,” to which we ask, “What about Las Vegas?”

Enough of elsewhere. It’s time for a Vegas-themed casino so tourists can walk directly off the Strip into a scaled-down Strip that references Strip casinos, people movers, water shows, palm trees, poorly dressed tourists, pamphlet handlers and, most importantly, cocktail waitresses wearing those much-too-short tube dresses seen on packs of nightclub-bound party girls stumbling on their 6-inch heels.

It would be so completely self-referential that you wouldn’t need to go outside and hit the Strip to experience the Strip.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas-Las Vegas, where the slot-themed slots are the loosest in town and the Best-in-Vegas production show is an appropriation of Vegas’ best production shows, complete with impersonator impersonators hosting 90 minutes of topless, acrobatic fun.

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