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Conversation starters: Heidi Montag to host at Crazy Horse III and more

The fare thing

Las Vegas cabbies aren’t necessarily the most appreciated people on the planet, so it’s nice to give them a shout-out this week. Cabbie Adam Woldemarim, who takes home $350 a week on 12 hours a day, found $221,000 in casino winnings stuffed into a laptop case in the back of his cab and ... returned it to the office! The lucky gambler was so appreciative he gave Woldemarim $2,000. Faith restored.

Full house

We’ve all seen Hoarders, so we know how bad the problem can be. But last week, Las Vegas Metro officers found the mother lode. Kenneth Epstein’s home was so cramped, officers couldn’t walk upright in it, and no fewer than 15 truckloads of material had to be removed. Five dead cats were found along with five refrigerators with food that had liquefied. If Epstein doesn’t pay for cleanup, the city files a lien against his house ... that no one will want to live in—ever.

Star ... power?

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is all about celebrity endorsements. And then there’s this: Former Hills star Heidi Montag is getting $25,000 to host the Crazy Girls III third anniversary party on October 19. Montag is easy on the eyes and will fit in perfectly at a Las Vegas party, but what makes her worth 25 grand? Montag’s 15 minutes of fame seemed to all but elapse two years ago. The power of a good agent, we guess.


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