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Animal Foundation offers $25 adoptions this weekend

For $25 you can take home Alexis, Kaiser or Doc—but only till August 18.
Animal Foundation

There may never be a slow season in the animal shelter world, but there’s definitely a busy one. And we’re in the thick of it. During July and August the Animal Foundation can receive more than 200 animals a day, according to spokeswoman Meghan Scheibe, and that means the shelter can reach capacity.

Spring is litter season, she says. By the time summer rolls around, puppies and kittens start getting into trouble and getting dropped off at the shelter doors.

“July 5th is one of the busiest days.” Animals terrified by the fireworks get out, get lost and try to find anywhere safe. It all works out to too many pets and two few kennels.

So, to encourage adoptions—and honor National Homeless Animals Day on August 17—the Animal Foundation is offering a discounted $25 adoption fee for all cats and dogs over 1 year old through August 18. Normal fees are $80 for cats and range from $105-$250, including spaying/neutering, microchipping and full vaccinations. Currently, there are around 190 dogs and 60 cats that qualify for the promotion.

Adoptable Pets at the Animal Foundation

Scheibe says the Animal Foundation’s adoption specials help bring in more people looking to find a pet. June’s name-your-price day was a big hit, and other promotions—along with partnerships with local and regional rescue centers—have meant the Animal Foundation hasn’t had to euthanize a single animal for space this year.

So, ready to welcome one of these adorable pups or cats to your home?

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