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Wranglers president Billy Johnson on the ‘world’s first topless professional hockey team’

Topless hockey is not what you think.
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Where did the idea of “topless” hockey come from? When Congressman [Anthony] Weiner up in New York got caught sexting himself … the joke that day on the news was “Man, that’s an awesome picture.” … The guy was absolutely stacked, right? The idea was that we would put that very picture on the jerseys ... We repurposed [the topless idea] for the over-18 game we do each year.

Out of all the promotions, which has been your favorite? One year the National Toy Hall of Fame honored the stick … And so, to honor the stick, we gave away 1,000 sticks that we bought at Home Depot. As far as the ones that hit it big, I think the Dick Cheney Hunting Vest [Night] was really fun. And then Rod Blagojevich Night was soup to nuts a well-produced night.

What do you have lined up for the rest of the season? The annual Regrettable Tattoo Night is coming up. … That’s where we have people volunteer to show the tattoo that they don’t want anymore; the fans will get to vote on who gets the free tattoo removal. And it is shockingly hilarious what people have decided to put permanently on their bodies (laughs). And we are not afraid to exploit that for laughs.


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