Is UNLV really the 12th most popular university in America?

UNLV is touting itself as the 12th most popular university in America, thanks to a U.S. News & World Report analysis of national universities’ yields (the rate of accepted applicants who end up enrolling). We hit campus to ask current students: Were you excited to attend UNLV, and why?

    • Devin Whitehead

      “I’m from Chicago, and I went to a community college out there, so coming to a four-year university was new, and I was excited. I’m glad I came here of all places."

    • Madison Hall

      “I was. I am from Vancouver, and I decided to come to UNLV for the hotel college program. I was really nervous at first, but after coming to visit the university before I actually applied here, I found out how nice everyone was and how helpful people were.”

    • Mark Noble

      “Actually, yes. ... The university is starting to really gel into the research institution it’s wanted to be, and the community—Midtown and all of that—is starting to sort of come along.”

    • Sidne Van Deest

      “It was cool, because I already lived in Henderson ... and I got to come to one of the top colleges for hospitality in the nation for in-state tuition, and I get to live near home.”

    • Marla Villanueva

      “I did my prerequisites at CSN ... I am here now and I love UNLV. I love the campus; I love the area. … I love that all my professors actually have been out in the field and been able to actually experience what I’m learning.”

    • Paul Gerni

      “I was. I just moved here back in August. … It’s my first university experience and I like it ... The people here are friendly.”

    • Sean McCormick

      “I came from a pretty small college, from Humboldt State University in Northern California, and I transferred here to UNLV. It’s a beautiful college. … A few people I’ve met here are nice, and it’s just a whole new scenery for me coming from California."

    • Morgan Fitterer

      “I was excited. ... I came and I looked at the campus and I really liked it. Everyone was really nice and very welcoming, so I just decided to go here.”

    • Samantha Glover

      “Yeah, I was. Both of my sisters went to UNLV so it’s kind of like a tradition, so I was really excited to see how they experienced it and [I was excited] about my own experiences. I think UNLV has a great business program, so I wanted to check that out and see if I could build a career through that.”

    • Vincent Anghel

      “It definitely gets you prepared ... they offer all the classes I need for what I’m interested in doing in the future. It’s much cheaper, especially if you’re an in-state resident.”


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