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7 thoughts from Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s State of the City

Mayor Carolyn Goodman delivers the State of the City address at Las Vegas City Hall on Thursday, January 10, 2013.
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1. As a video presentation shows activity Downtown—including the opening of the Mob Museum, the new City Hall, Smith Center, Neon Museum, the D, the reopening of the Golden Gate, and Helldorado—it hits me: Damn, that's right. This all happened in one year!

2. The first thing Carolyn Goodman does is produce a timer. Apparently last year's address took 78 minutes, and she wanted to make sure to finish under that. "I'm not going to let you see what I set it for, but I understand there's an over and under going on here," she said, adding, "When the bell goes off, it's an indication to me that the bell's gone off." Yeah, she's pretty funny.

Las Vegas State of City Address 2013

3. This is the first time I've seen Carolyn Goodman speak in public. She's personable, but she can also be intimidating. When she makes the comment, "See if anybody pulls out a cell phone to text or do something or look at e-mails," an older gentleman sitting next to me shoves his hand in his pocket, gets out his iPhone, shuts it down and whispers to me, "It's off!"

4. No sooner has Goodman issued her cellphone admonishment than ... a cellphone goes off. Goodman offers a polite stare at the offender a few rows back, and after some nervous laughter from the crowd, says, "You're all alive, so on we go."

5. In the course of her address, Carolyn pulls out Oscar and Carolyn bobbleheads, Oscar and Carolyn poker chips, two small statues that she swears are "not fertility gods," and two baby dolls. It seems a bit odd for a mayor to be using so many props, but we are the city that offers Carrot Top, so maybe not.

6. Buzzword said most often during Goodman's address: "Green," mentioned 10 times. Buzzword said least often during Goodman's address: "Zappos," mentioned twice.

7. Goodman finishes her address at just about the hour mark. Not too shabby, considering she barely glanced at the timer the entire time.

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